Four of our Six lodges (listed as Avallon Spa’s) have their own private  Hot Tubs, a perfect way to relax in the beautiful surroundings.

All the hot tubs are high quality, well insulated, American made spa baths installed by a B.I.S.T.A registered company.


Avallon Lodges run the hot tubs in accordance of H.S.E HSG282 guidance for the use of 'domestic hot tubs used as a business activity.' The hot tubs are of a commercial grade with continuous chemical dosing. Hot tubs are filled up between guests and the water is tested twice daily. the tubs are periodically sanitised using Chlorine Dioxide which is the same regime used in our main water supply infrastructure. 


All information needed for safe use of the hot tubs will be given on arrival, your safety is always our priority!

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